Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin, No it's Luigi

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you all have fun trick or treating tonight. The other day I got Luigi a costume so he could be the great pumpkin. It was a tad too big for him. As I was trying it on, my son came over and asked to be in the pictures. I actually have some great costume photos of my son from his scout Halloween party earlier in the week that I should download and get up here on the blog so you can see his clever costume. Maybe later today. In the meantime, you can to enjoy Luigi's photos.
Even if the costume doesn't fit, isn't Luigi adorable?
I really like this last one for a few reasons. One is that you can see the actual pumpkin part of the costume and can tell what Luigi is dressed up as. The second reason is that Luigi seems to be going to my son to say "get me out of this get up she put me in!" So adorable, even if he was just going over to lick my son's ear.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Goodies from Hsiao-hui

Aren't these treats really cool? Hsiao-hui made them for each attendee at the Halloween Party last Saturday. We had at least 21 guests. She made everyone these tombstone type treat boxes from the Big Shot Matchbox die. She also used graveyard gala to do the tombstone and she marked the date of the party on the stone. Inside the boxes were the Halloween cat earrings. Sandi Haertig is modeling the earrings and the box below. Isn't she adorable?
Another great creation by Hsiao-hui for Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


OK, does anyone know who this person is? She was at Hsiao-hui's SU! Halloween Party on Saturday and deserves this whole blog post about her!
This is Sue E. She had me fooled to think that she was not coming in costume but just coming from work. Then, all of a sudden, the laughter broke out. Sue provided us with the best laughs of the evening. Who knew? First, she had this get up. She said she came as a nurse. Oh my gosh, if this was my nurse, I don't know if I would want to get well. I would fake it so I could have this cooky lady taking care of me so I could laugh hours on end.
Caught this photo when I turned my camera slightly and I have to say I want to keep the photo because it looks like Sue's character came from the twilight zone!
Now, Sue next went ahead and changed it up on us. She got a little more serious. I must say...these glasses are so cool and mysterious. Sue looks so serious watching Linda and Sandi give their demonstrations for SU! projects at the Halloween party.
OK, here is another great one! And...back to more laughs! Sue is in costume again. These are really hilarious.
Oh my gosh, the whiskers blow out!
There is even a moustache. My goodness, Sue, you were the absolute funniest at the party. Thanks for the laughs and topping off the evening with even more fun!

Next up....more projects we did at the party. I'll post those tonight. You will love them!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I promised some pictures of the halloween goodies and treats Hsiao-hui put out for the Halloween Party on Saturday night. Wow! what an extravaganza. The food was amazing.
The added touches to decorate the food were great ideas. Do you see the little glow in the dark skeleton next to the fruit bowl?
Everything looked so festive.
The desserts were really good. There was pumpkin pie and an apple dish and pumpkin cake.
Can you catch the smile on Hsiao-hui's face as she makes the punch?
The veggie dip was out of this world.
Hsiao-hui's mom made all of the dumplings which were the best part of the whole evening. They were so tasty. Every once in awhile Hsiao-hui and her mom treat us to dumplings and they are so delicious and a great treat to have these at an event.
This dish was so good. I love rice and chicken and veggies.

There were so many appetizers.
This cheese dip was incredibly delicious.
Even the candy gets decorated.
There was fresh made sushi and wasabi and ginger. Oh, wow!
I loved this decorated chocolate cake with all of the skeleton hands and the spiders.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


There are just so many great photos from this Halloween Party that I could post for days. However, I will select all the great ones out and get them up. This is Hsiao-hui - our wonderful hostess - with one of the children. Oooh, how scary!
I loved all of the decorations and added touches around the house where we stamped and created.
This is one of several Big Shot treat bags that Hsiao-hui made for the table. Each was decorated in some way and filled with chocolate! mmmm

Hsiao-hui came around and gave each person a homemade and hand decorated cupcake.
These spider webs were just terrific. Oh, the time Hsiao-hui put into all of this to make the details just right.
Dawn really thought this was a great touch by Hsiao-hui.

Even I, Sister Mary Stamper - really loved my cupcake. Who would not? the desserts were amazing!
Not only were the tables and walls decorated, but the windows were also.
I love this witch silhouette, too. So scary!

Tomorrow I'll post the Halloween food!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh, this is such a great project by Linda Kincaid. She took SU! envelopes and inked them with a baby wipe and wheel technique and made this wonderful envelope treat bag. This was really well-enjoyed by the ladies at the Halloween party stamp class at Hsiao-hui's home. Linda used the wheel Haunting and the stamp set House of Haunts. Very very clever.
The envelope is inked and stamped first, then Linda punched the stars with the SU! small star punch. She also used punches on the front - modern label, small and large stars, 3/4 circle punch. Did you catch that moon made of crumpled vellum and punched out on the front?

Linda is seen here demonstrating to the ladies how this treat pouch is assembled.
These supplies look so yummy packaged in this basket. Inside each envelope treat pouch Linda
placed a clear bag of candy corn. That is my favorite Halloween candy. These make fun gifts for the teachers, friends, coworkers, and for your Halloween basket for the trick or treaters.
There were 21 people in attendance for the Halloween Party so that was a lot of candy Linda packaged.
First you ink up your baby wipes with your three colors and then with brayer ink the envelope - going over it a few times to get that vibrant color you see in the sample above. It belongs to Cathy Weir who is shown here inking up the wheel. This is a great technique that Linda taught us.
Young is doing the same on her wheel. This allows for a single image from the wheel to be stamped.
Next Young is showing how you just roll the wheel with the image that is stamped onto your brayered envelope. So very cool.
Another close up of the technique - this time by Dawn.
We actually have Dawn going through the steps. I am glad I caught this in a few steps. Do you see how she is rolling the wheel without the handle? You can do either, but Linda said that doing it by hand was a little more accurate in the placement.
and Voila! Dawn, wheeled an even better more vibrant image than I did in the sample. Hers is perfectly black! That trick or treater is scary!
And lastly, we have Young and Chris assembling their trick or treat pouches. Dawn had a great idea and said that this was so much fun that you could do these in green and red for Christmas and place holiday candy or treats inside. I thought you could also make them in different colors too - maybe in shades of red and pink and make valentine treats.

Thanks again Linda Kincaid for a fabulous project!