Saturday, July 11, 2009


Some of you were asking how Luigi is doing. You may know that he had major surgery the middle of June so almost a month ago. Poor little guy. He had abdominal surgery and knee surgery. He is doing better and I'm happy to say that his hair is starting to grow back and he is not limping as much as he used to. I thank my good friend Sue E. for telling me about the Pet Depot Hydrotherapy pool. Although the Vet said that it may not help him, we were happy to take him to cool off a little and to exercise the knee by swimming. He did a great job. He was pretty hesitant to get in and of course he got tired easily, but he did beautifully. We just got a plan so we will be taking him again. Hopefully, this will be practice for whenever we get lucky enough to have a pool of our own.

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  1. Hi Maria,

    How neat is that, water therapy for dogs! Your photo is just precious! So glad that he is improving as he recovers from major surgery!

    We have two boys (litter mates) Beau & Brutus that are called "Frenchbo's" in the designer world. LOL! They are Boston Terrier/French Bulldogs. At the time we had no idea they were considered a so called designer breed. We just feel in love with them at first sight & love them to pieces! They will be 4 in December.

    Continued well wishes for Luigi!
    Ann :)