Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The NEW IDEA BOOK IS OUT! yeah! SU! DO YOU WANT TO WIN A SU! PRIZE? My upline Janet Wakeland is giving prizes for anyone who does the catalog scavenger hunt. Just use this LINK and fill out the form.

My Upline Janet Wakeland is leading the tour. Complete this scavenger hunt and send it to her at the email to win!!!! I want someone from my group to win! It is very possible!

New 2009/2010 Catalog Scavenger Hunt*Complete and return by Midnight July 6th to be eligible for prizes*Return to : _____info@remarkablestampers.com____*Your Name:____________________________________*YOur Email:____________________________________(Will not be added to any mailing lists) **********************************************1. Name 3 of the 6 New in colors:
2. How many punches coordinate with the hostess set “christmas punch” on page 14?
3. Throughout the catalog there are great tips spotlighted with stitching – what tip is mentioned on page 17?

4. What great time-saving new product is featured on page 159?

5. What's the name of the paper shown on page 115? Hint: You'll find it between pages 160-163

6. Which single stamp coordinates with a new punch?

7. If planning a party for little boys and girls, which page(s) would you NOT want to MISS?

8. Which VERY Popular stamp set in the "All Natural" section came back into the catalog after spending time on the Dormant List?

9. How many NEW BACKGROUND stamps can you find on pgs 133 and 134?

10. Name the FABULOUS NEW In Color product on pg 155.

11. This CLEARLY Wonderful product is shown on pg 169.

12. On Which pages will you find pictures of our actual 48 colors of cardstock?
13. As a Hostess You earn how many FREE DOLLARS to shop with for a $500 show? $____
14. $2 of the set on page ____________ goes to support Ronald McDonald House?
15. I just want to try stamping where can I find just 1 stamp?

16. How many stars are in the Seeing Stars set?
17. Which alphabet is named after a person?
18. Which activities are depicted in the Extreme stamps?
19. How many new punches are featured in the 2009-2010?

20. Which colors are used in the Playground Designer Buttons?

21. Which stamp set is used in the "Chew, chew I like you!" card on page 176?

22. What stamp set that has been in the catalog for several years received a "lift" with a new set to coordinate with it?

23. What new stamp set has a sleeping cat?

24. What is my Favorite new stamp set - you guess it and you can order it at 20% off.

25. The scalloped shaped square card on page 112 was made with what? And where do you find it?

26. How many sets of stamps have a reindeer in it?

27. What set of stamps has a bride and groom in it?

28. What set of stamps has an Australian marsupial in it?

29. If you want to join my stamping team and become a Stampin Up demonstrator, where do you find a description and picture of the Starter Kit Contents? __________ Are you interested in this? Yes/no

30. What set of stamps has a pineapple in it?

31. Where would you find the Rub-ons that co-ordinate with the stamp set, Animal Stories?

32. What set of stamps has a compass in it?

33. Where would you find the button pictured on the sample of the cupcake on page 70? What kind of button set does that button belong in?

34. Where would you find the D├ęcor Elements tree that matches the tree in Thoughts and Prayers Stamp set on page 52? ________ What colors does it come in?_____________

35. What tool has a rotary cutter, perforating tool, scoring tool and a 7-sided distressing tool?

36. Where would you find a Doctor’s Bag?

37. Where would you find a zebra with some stripes missing?

38. What stamp set has a cow, pig, sheep and a rooster in it – all on one stamp?

39. What stamp set has a set of silverware in it?

40. If I wanted an organizational file folder and a gusseted envelope, where would I find it?

41. Where would you find a kit that has silk flowers and pearls in it?

42. What Simply Scrappin Kit has holly in it?

43. Where would you find the Clearly Thanks Window Sheets? Pg. #

44. Planning a wedding or special event? Where would you find stunning vanilla, white and black patterned cardstock?

45. Where do you find the cellophane bags, small, medium and large, to make great treat bags?
46. How many sets have owls in them?

47. How many sets have frogs in them?

48. Need a gift for someone who doesn’t stamp or tired of writing your name and address? Where can you order a personalized stamp?

49. Why is the flag backward on the soldier’s uniform in the stamp set on page 67?

50. Where can you find the matchbox die to use for the tip on page 119?

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