Monday, August 17, 2009


Saturday I met Tim Holtz again! Tim and his crew came to Maryland (Savage Mill - The Queen's Ink) for some fabulous classes. I took my camera but I didn't have any disks inside because I lent them to my husband to take photos at the Ravens/Redskins game. Luckily, my good friend Sandi Haertig had her camera and snapped some great shots. The first one is of Tim Holtz and I just before the start of class. I have on one of his famous shirts that I received as a gift last year and Tim signed it then (at Creative Escape in Arizona).
There were 70 participants in each of 4 classes he taught. These are the friends who came with me. From left to right - Me, Celestine Hines, Lisa Chattergee and Sandi Haertig.After waiting almost 2 hours in line at Stampin Up! last week, I told all of the ladies to make sure that they were at the door at least 1 hour before class. They were so glad they came early. They opened the doors 30 minutes before class started and this gave us plenty of time to meet up with Tim Holtz and his assistant Mario who puts together all of the class kits. It was also great because we got first dibs on t shirts, hoodies, bags, and other great eclectic Tim finds. Most of these things sold out within the first 10 minutes.
This was the first class we took. We made 5 jewelry pieces from Tim's ideology line. He is great at teaching. No one gets left behind and everyone finishes their projects. These jewelry pieces were so much fun to make.
These 3 pieces are the other 3 classes. The top left was a quilt class with everything on it handmade and hand pieced. The project on the right uses lots of great Tim Finds in a neat frame covered with tiles that were hand made in class. Although we didn't take the two top classes, we were at the Queen's Ink all day.
The project at the bottom was the best project I have ever made. It is a hand bound book that is covered with metal that we embossed and then colored using alcohol inks. There are great Tim Ideology pieces all over the books covers. I had so much fun making this book and learning how to hand bind and put together a book of any size. The class took over 4 hours and it was so worth it. We all agreed that we can't wait to have him come back to the store so we can take some more great classes with Tim Holtz.


  1. I had so much fun taking this class with you and it was fun meeting Celestine and seeing Lisa again! Everyone has loved the jewelry I made, so I might be making some for Christmas gifts!! - Sandi

  2. I have never taken any of his classes (YET!), but my best friend and customer has taken them and I love the things she comes home with. We have been to the Queen's Ink store on a road trip. I believe it was on our way to York for a Stamp Show and we stopped on our way to check it out....great store - wish it were closer. Love the book you made.

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Fredericksburg, VA