Monday, May 5, 2014


This particular day in April about a week and 1/2 ago, it was pouring.  I put Luigi in this NEW Land's End Rain suit with hat for doggies. He looked so cute.  I like him to be covered if possible in the rain so he doesn't come back in the house soaking wet.   On his way in, he just gave me this adorable look, like "Cmon Mom!  Do you really need me to be cute as well as covered?".  Well, he certainly will get lots of use from this coat. April was filled with showers and that's great news because the flowers continue to bloom.  Here's my MDS page highlighting Luigi in his rain-gear sans the boots.  Do you like my digital washi tape?  All elements are My Digital Studio by Stampin UP!

MDS Supply List

     Designer Series Paper\_Designer Kits\Happy Life - designer series paper\Happy Life - spokes

    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business/Nobody's Business - arrow border, Color = GOING GRAY 163,158,155
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business/Nobody's Business - rain drops, Color = 230,WATERMARK 255,255,255
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business/Nobody's Business - diagonal tape, Color = CRUSHED CURRY 254,197,45
    Rain or Shine\Rain or Shine - thinking of you, Color = 230,WATERMARK 255,255,255
    _Designer Kits/Nobody's Business/Nobody's Business - diagonal tape, Color = CRUSHED CURRY 254,197,45 

Here are some of the flowers blooming in this area. FYI -  there are some sweet smelling floral fragrances outside my door.

These tulips are my birthday gift to myself.  I purchased two pots and planted them in the back yard. I also received a potted gift of tulips from my friend Lynn and those are planted outside also.  Hoping to see them again next year.  Sometimes squirrels or other animals dig up and eat the bulbs.  I wonder why they love them so much.
The lily of the valley are from my friend Abby. I planted these a few years ago and they come up in droves now!
This is the cherry blossom tree we planted last year when we replaced the large tree that was struck by lightening.  This is the same type of cherry blossom that you will find in DC.  So now my husband says I can visit the cherry blossoms in my own front yard instead of the hour ride to DC.  Beautiful but not really the same dear!  The tulip below is a gift from another friend I planted several years ago and still blooming.
The daffodils were just gorgeous this year.  We had so many blooms in the front yard.  My iphone took some great photos. Wow!  phones take awesome pics nowadays!

These hyacinths were a gift from my friend MaryJo a few years ago.  They smell so fragrant.  They come up every year and I'm reminded of her.  Also, the daffodils are another gift from my friend Abby. I planted them several years ago also and they are magnificent every March-May. Yes!  some are still blooming. Soon the lilac bush she gave me many years ago will be in full bloom.  I'll share that gorgeous bush later.  The tulips at the bottom are from my neighbor's yard.  I just had to share them. They are gorgeous. We see them every day on my walk with Luigi.

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