Monday, November 2, 2015


This past weekend many of us had another "time of our lives" crafting and playing and dressing up and having fun with our leader Janet Wakeland in Harrisburg, Pa.  I've been attending this fun crafting retreat for 6 years and haven't missed one.  Usually, there is a swap of some type at the retreat and it is one of the highlights. This retreat we had a card swap, a tag swap and a cookie exchange.  I'll be sharing everything with you this week.

Here are the wonderful cookies we exchanged.  I tried each and everyone of them and even the hand soap from Lauren Auve'.  The cookies are all delicious.  We had to package them up and add an embellishment of some type.  We were supposed to add a recipe card.  I finished my cookies the day before the swap and forgot my recipe, but it's traditional toll house Chocolate Chip.  I'm not traditionally a baker and make very few kinds of recipes.  I do have a great sugar almond cookie recipe but looks like someone did exchange that one, so good thing I did the chocolate chip.

This was such a fun idea for a swap.  I hope we will continue to do this at every fall retreat.

Thank you to all of those who swapped and thanks Janet, Missy, Deb and Linda for hosting us!

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