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I love SU! and Project Life.  I love December and the Holidays and preparing for them.  I want to really savor these days.  I'm working on my own project life book that I have previously started sharing.  I am also including the blog post from SU!

A Plan for Hello December 2015

Photo 1
Project Life Hello December 2015 is all about helping you document those special moments,  traditions, and fun activities you enjoy with family and friends during the merry month of December.
Almost everyone takes photos on camera phones these days, and for me it has become natural to capture a moment using my phone. Hello December 2015 provides an accessible, fun approach to documenting and sharing your December photos and memories in one simple album.
Photo 2
All you need is the Kraft 6" x 8" Project Life Album (item 139655), Project Life Photo Pocket Pages (item 135297), the Hello December 2015 Project Life Card Collection (item 139653), the Hello December 2015 Project Life Accessory Pack (item 139654), and the Project Life Hello December 2015 Stamp Set (item 139809). (Please note: you will most likely require more than one set of photo pages.)
Better yet, you can purchase the Project Life Hello December 2015 bundle (item 140305) and get a fifteen percent discount! It includes the card collection, accessory pack, and coordinating stamp set.
Project Life is not meant to be overwhelming or stressful. The whole idea is to spend time making memories, not documenting them. Hello December 2015 helps you quickly and easily capture the 25 days leading up to December 25—all of those stories of December—from the treats and the decorations to the traditions and activities.
Photo 3
The first image for this year’s album was the last photo from my Christmas 2014 album, printed as a 6" x 8" and made into the cover page; I added the title using elements included in the Hello December accessory pack. We are an “Elf on the Shelf” family, and last year the adventures of these two characters featured heavily in my album.
Speaking from experience (and many who have taken part in Hello December during past years would agree) the key to keeping the process simple is to set up the album structure before December. My first step is to write out all of the events I know are coming up in December; this page is merely designed to assist me in recording the events. After December, I replace the draft with a final calendar. (When I look back at past Hello December albums, I can see that as a family, we do have little traditions that happen each year!)
Photo 4
Your goal is to tell one story each day on one layout each day. Most of the layouts will feature Christmas. However, they don’t have to, as sometimes the everyday events that keep us busy in December are the stories we really want to remember.
Photo 5
Knowing when events will fall helps when it comes time to place journaling and filler cards in the pockets. For example, I’m aware that Santa will be visited on the 12th, so I have added a card suitable for that event.
Photo 6
When I first heard about Hello December a few years ago, I was worried that my life was just not that exciting. I have since heard from friends and customers that they feel the same. Now I think: “Why was I so worried? December is always my busiest month!” When I started to write down all the events that make up December, I saw that I had something planned for 70 percent of the month.
For days with nothing planned, I simply note the day of the week and place a filler card. These days give me the chance to highlight something I love about the season—like the Christmas CD I have playing in my car or the holiday mail I receive from a friend or that yummy treat that only comes at Christmas time.
Photo 7
Now that the album has been laid out, most of the work has been done. Then you just need to add your photos and journaling as you celebrate the season. Hello December is such a fun tradition to begin, and it enhances the holidays as you share and enjoy memories.
If you are like I was and feel that you do not do enough to join the Project Life Hello December fun, here are a few photo prompts to help your creativity flow. Please leave a comment below if you have a suggestion to add to our list!
  1. Advent calendar
  2. Christmas traditions
  3. Letter to Santa/Visit to Santa
  4. Shopping list
  5. Family activities
  6. Christmas tree
  7. Christmas lights
  8. Baking holiday treats
  9. Wrapping gifts
  10. Christmas carols
  11. Craft or DIY
  12. Mailing of handmade cards
  13. To-do list
  14. The weather outside or temperature
  15. Colors of Christmas
  16. Visitors
  17. Food prep or menu planning
  18. Elf on the Shelf
  19. Yummy December treats
  20. Family photos
  21. Decorations
  22. Parties
  23. Hanging the stocking
  24. Naughty or nice
  25. Memories from childhood
  26. Favorite movies
  27. Gingerbread
  28. Wise words about the season
  29. School activities
  30. Mail or gifts arriving in the post
  31. City decorations
  32. Church celebrations
  33. Gifts being opened
  34. Exchanging gifts
  35. Giving back, helping the less fortunate
  36. Store displays
  37. Shopping (seeing presents before they’re wrapped)
  38. Compare a moment from last Christmas to one from this Christmas
  39. Before and after; for example, before-and-after pictures of the kitchen during Christmas cooking and baking
  40. Trying something new
  41. What CD is playing in the car
  42. Cleaning up
  43. Travel
Be sure to share your creations online via your favorite social media account and use the hashtag #HelloDecember.
Teneale Williams
2014–2015 Artisan Design Team

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