Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I'm really enjoying my birthday month.  What I enjoy most about it is spending time with those I love.  I've been with family and friends and they've all made me feel special and loved.  I have gotten some really neat and awesome birthday cards,  but never have I received one as creative as this one from Sandi Haertig.  She took the letter M and decorated it so beautifully. I appreciate all of the effort that goes into making a card or selecting a card. When I make one, I am thinking about the person I'm creating for and I'm also praying for them.  I really enjoy the creative and thoughtful process.  You can tell Sandi put a lot of effort into this most beautiful creation.

The photo really does not do this justice.  When I see this up close and personal, it's very pink and it's got melon mambo tulle and 3D flowers.  There is gold paste and white paste embossed and some cool stenciling and stamping.  I absolutely love!!!! the butterflies.  This is just amazing.  A real WOW!
This was me at My Birthday Tea in Westminster holding my M.  My outfit matched perfectly!
I'm going to display this M in a very prominent place so that I can enjoy it a lot.
Thanks Sandi!

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