Thursday, March 12, 2015


This month the Remarkable Stampers are sharing with you how we capture and share our MEMORIES.

And in keeping with the DISNEY theme for this month - (Cinderella is being released tonight on the Big Screen) - I chose to make some Disney Memories and I used the most recent MY PAPER PUMPKIN KIT by SU! to preserve some photos from Epcot. As soon as I saw this kit I knew I was going to turn it into something magical - my magical memories from Disney just a few weeks ago.

This is the box I created with the kit. I used some SU! Designer buttons from celebration, some confetti embellishments from SU! and some stickers from SU! Project Life I purchased around the holidays.
Inside is a cute little booklet with my photos of the characters I met along the journey through the magical world of Epcot.
I chose to just place pictures on the inside and keep this little pocket of memories at my desk so that when I'm busy at work and wishing I was some place special, I can just pull it out and look at my memories.
You could even make this into a little gift for a young child who went to Disney, or some other great place.  You could put photos of the team and give it as a thank you to a coach, or photos of students for the teacher.  What about placing photos of a new baby for the new mom, or grandchildren for the grandparents.  And then along those lines, you could have a photo on one side and a note to the grandparent(s) on the other side.
You could embellish this little booklet and add stickers, or rub ons or stamp on your images with staz on ink.  I may go back and add a few things to these.  I feel so happy and warm inside just looking at these pictures.

And just to share a little secret - I went to EPCOT all by my lonesome.  I never had the courage to do it before.  I have been with the hubby and my son several times, but that was years ago.  I still had an entrance ticket from 1997 and guess what?  Disney honored that ticket.  I mustered up enough courage this year on my umpteenth visit to Florida (this was for a work conference) to head to the parks.  I knew I had to head to EPCOT because I wanted to journey around the world.  In fact, the opposite side of this booklet is going to have the different countries on it.

Can you believe this is a MY PAPER PUMPKIN kit turned into something completely different? 

So what does the kit looks like. Here you go:

You get so much in MY PAPER PUMPKIN by SU! including an entire stamp set, ink spots, twine, adhesive, and everything you need to complete the project.  This is actually designed originally to be a cute THANKS card in a box.  I'll be making some of those, also. (SU! gives so many supplies you can make lots of these and then of course, you have the stamps to used over and over again, as well as the ink spots. Ive been thrilled each month with these surprises that come to my door in a little red box (another is due this weekend!)

So this is what you would make if you just followed the directions to the kit?  And, if you go to the site on the web, you can see a video on how to make these projects from SU!  I love these projects, and more than anything, I love to keep my memories which need to come off of the phone and the laptop and get into more books.  (Video for this kit is below)

Want to see other memory making ideas?  Continue onto the tour and then come back here so you can see below a Throwback Thursday of Snow White.

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And now for the throwback Thursday and a comparison - I'm in the photo with Snow White (2015) above and my son JP is in the photos with her below. His photos are from the Disney Cruise we took about 10 years ago.
These photos are waiting for some memory keeping.  I need to catch up on those and I know I will.  I already have a good portion of the book completed.  I'm just adding lots of artistic finishes to it. (wink, wink!)
Video for FEBRUARY MY PAPER PUMPKIN - Be sure to watch.

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