Sunday, August 16, 2015


Today is the 38th year since Elvis Presley's untimely passing away.  In honor of the KING, I created this card to send to my mother and my sister Teresa, who are huge Elvis Presley fans. 
 I purchased these off of a website that used to sell Elvis stamps.  
If you are interested in stamps featuring Elvis Presley you should google that topic to see if you can still find any.  
I'm sure with his popularity, there are still companies producing his images and images from Graceland.
This entire past week, Graceland in Tennessee has been having many memorial services and even had a commemorative service for the latest FOREVER stamp that features Elvis Presley (you can see a video here).  It's been an amazing week for an amazing human being.  LONG LIVE THE KING!

Here are some screenshots from the candle light service I watched on the internet last evening at Graceland.  They let everyone bring cameras into the service and people were able to tour the grounds.  I have never been but I hear it is absolutely breathtaking. I'll have to make a stop when I visit my other sister Christina who now lives in Tennessee.

I love all of these precious memories.  I'm sure if you went to the website you could probably watch the live stream again.  I especially love the photo of Elvis' grand daughter lighting some one's candle.

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