Tuesday, June 21, 2016


colleague of mine nominated me for the GBMC Compassionate Caregiver Award for all of the families and staff and patients I have cared for over the years as a neonatal physician.  She collected many letters of support from many families and I was overwhelmed with the gratitude and honorable regard in which they wrote.  These words from colleagues and patient families touched my heart in unbelievable and immeasurable ways.  I'm grateful to God that He blessed me with the ability to be compassionate, caring, empathetic, and loving towards others.  I'm grateful to receive this award and just as Cinderella's mother taught her and Ellen ends all of her shows - one basic human element we can all share with others - BE KIND!
Here's my thank you card to the colleague who nominated me.
Here I am with Cynthia CRNP after receiving the overall compassionate caregiver award for the hospital.
Cynthia also won a compassionate caregiver award (1st runner up) and the NICU has been nominated for the overall national compassionate caregiver award. We should find out in fall where we placed. 

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