Friday, March 10, 2017


This month SU! MY PAPER PUMPKIN turns 4 years old!  Happy Birthday!  I understand a very special kit is on it's way to my house as well as to all of the subscribers to MY PAPER PUMPKIN - which is a monthly kit in the mail from SU! It has everything you need to complete the projects inside your cute adorable box.  I buy mine as a subscription and I am guaranteed to get it in the mail each month - some cool new surprise. At my Medical Staff Office stress buster day, we made the FEBRUARY MY PAPER PUMPKIN which was a birthday candle gift card holder. It was so cool to put together. Watch the video I attached at the bottom to see.

As the card holder slides out it says Happy Birthday to You!  It's cool!  And then if you add a gift card, it's even better for the recipient. I think it's possible some of my nieces will get mine.
This can also be used as a birthday party invite.  There are endless possibilities and by searching the web you can see some variations other creative hands made with this kit. I can't wait for the special March kit, especially since it's my birthday and I will feel like it's part of my celebration.

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