Friday, September 11, 2015


I will never forget 9/11/01.  What a sad and tragic day for the US.  I went to work and heard from co workers that a plane had crashed into the trade center.  We put the news on and as soon as the second plane hit, we all new it was an attack.  My son was only1 at the time. We had taught him to look up while strolling him to see airplanes in the sky.  He was pretty good at it.  That particular day we settled on our home, so it's a sad anniversary that way what also happy as we love our home.  When we went inside we collected the outside newspaper (which in 2001 was still being delivered in the evening as well as the am) and JP saw the front page with the plane hitting the Trade Center.  He said "Look, a plane." With tears in my eyes, I just said "sweetheart, that was not a very good plane."   We were truly brokenhearted and it was such a time of sadness.  Today, let us pause and remember all of the lives lost and the tragedy that befell our country, and also remember the bravery of so many who helped saved many lives that day.
This photo below of the officers raising the flag is one of my favorites. I think I even have a rubber stamp of this photo that I used for many months on cards and envelopes I sent people with my homemade cards. I think I even stamped the image onto envelopes with my bill payments.

The light shining through the above photo reminds me that God and His Holy Spirit truly were there that day to carry the lost souls to heaven and to shine forth to remind all of us that He is with us always. And then the photo below in black and white is such a reminder of that beautiful skyline we all grew to know as the wonderful skyline of NEW YORK, an entrance to Freedom in America.

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