Monday, September 15, 2014


YOLO - you only live once!  popped up on my fitbit tracker after a walk/run last week.  I've been trying to get this form of exercise in several times a week while the weather is still great outside.  I love that when I'm done and reach home - I press my finish button - and some type of message pops in.  These are so cool and so encouraging.  It's fun to wear a fitbit tracker and see just how many steps I take each day and how many miles I log!  I've been doing great so far and the fitness part is the benefit!

Here's my MDS - MY DIGITAL STUDIO - offering for this Monday.  SU! MDS - I thank you for making digital scrapbooking so easy and fantastic!

BOOYAH! is my exclamation of JOY, that I've finished the 3 mile journey!

MDS Supply List

     Designer Series Paper\_Designer Kits\Piece of Cake - designer series paper\Piece of Cake - 2

    Timeless Taffeta Trimmings\Timeless Taffeta Trimmings - ruffle bow certainly celery (re-colored) Color = ISLAND INDIGO 0,126,135
    Timeless Taffeta Trimmings\Timeless Taffeta Trimmings - medium bow certainly celery (re-colored) Color = ISLAND INDIGO 0,126,135

    _Designer Kits\POSTAGE\nrj-grungy-postmark4, Color = 0,0,0
    _Designer Kits\Back to School\Back to School - grunge piece, Color = 0,0,0
    _Designer Kits\POSTAGE\nrj-grungy-postmark5, Color = 0,0,0
    Game Day Baseball\Game Day Baseball - run, Color = 0,0,0

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